The hell is up with people?  Ok, so in the stores that rent their carts for a quarter (like airport luggage carriers; not surprisingly, it gets people to actually put their carts back) people tend to just offer someone returning their cart a quarter to take it over - saving the returner the walk and saving them both time fiddling with the cart return area.  I asked the woman parked two cars down from me for hers, offering a quarter, and had the coin waived off.  By about the third repetition of ‘pay it forward’, however, I wasn’t feeling so much that that woman was trying to do a small kindness, as she was imposing some kind of a forced moral lesson on me; incidentally, that didn’t leave me feeling thankful so much as wanting to say ‘take my fucking quarter, already’, and be done with it.

(Conversely, when I handed it off to the next person, all I said was ‘don’t even worry about it; have a great day’, and I can almost guarantee he passed it along without having to be asked, and got a bonus smile out of the deal (whereas I’m still irritated about my encounter).  Just saying.)


Breakfast cookies - 3 mashed bananas (ripe), 1/3 cup apple sauce, 2 cups oats, 1/4 cup almond milk, 1/2 cup raisins, 1 tsp vanilla, 1 tsp cinnamon. preheat oven to 350 degrees. bake for 15-20 minutes. NO SUGAR!

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Greek history jokes? Minotaur jokes? Anyone? 

Best face

still my favorite

an example of perfect, perfect comedic timing in comic panels

love the last face hahaha

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“At least I’m not Subaru” really does make everything better.

Overslept? At least you’re not Subaru!

Failed your exams? At least you’re not Subaru!

Feel guilty because one of your closest friends loses his eye protecting you? Find out the day you go to confess your love to him that the he’s an assassin and the sworn enemy of your family? And then he breaks your arm and says he doesn’t give a shit about you? And then kills your twin sister? And disappears for years? And when he reappears he’s eating ice-cream and destroying Tokyo with some other guy, to whom you lose one of your eyes? And then your dead sister’s magic forces you to kill him, even though you want to be killed by him yourself? And then the dude he was eating ice-cream with brings you his remaining eye, and you get a transplant, only now you can’t kill yourself because you’re keeping alive the last part of him? And he planned the whole thing?

At least you’re not— oh. Never mind.

Am I a terrible person for laughing really hard at this?  I am, aren’t I?

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“May I ask why you felt little Tiffany deserved to die?”

I’m pretty sure this is why Tumblr gave us photosets.

To this day, I still have absolutely no idea if he actually did the right thing by shooting little Tiffany. His story was very convincing…

I totally bought that he was right.

I always though this was about not demonizing people based on how they look, instead focussing on what they do.



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Potterlock AU: John was wounded as an Auror, not in Afghanistan. He gets away with a bit of magic in the flat, because Sherlock doesn’t pay much attention to domestic things.

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